The New Normal After Covid-19

Will we ever go back to normal? One doesn’t think we can ever go back to what normal was before

Covid-19 disrupted the regular pattern of life. How fast do we start traveling and vacationing again? That depends on hotels, airlines, airports and their employees. We can believe this experience will emotionally scar a generation. It is going to make the political divide even worse, especially along wealth and income lines.


During this pandemic, everyone is enforced to slow down and prevent community spread, our economy is facing a huge impact. As people cut down spending on luxury items such as travel and purchase and as governments start spending big on health responses and stimulus packages, there are real fears of a coronavirus induced recession.


In More General


Mask wearing will be the most visible change as its mandatory now. Children will wear them as they walk to schools in which the classrooms have been reconfigured for physical distancing. Others will wear it when in public places as recommended.   


Most of us fear travelling, work from home (WFH) is the new normal and people are having more and more virtual meetings and holding up events through screens. 


Though after a long-term of feeling trapped inside houses and rooms, everyone is excited to be out in the open, so the streets still look packed right now, but this might not be the case and fewer groups of people will be seen in open streets when the fear starts looming in again. In grocery stores and shopping malls they will be expected to maintain a social distance. Use of hand sanitizers will also be seen more in such places.   


Getting from place to place will be different as people will not want to cramp up in public vehicles so people who choose to travel around the valley will find comfortable seats as it will not be crammed. Yet, traffic will still be like before as private vehicles will flood the roads along with public vehicles.


People will be saving more and spending less, as the lockdown has made it a habit on spending only on things actually necessary as well as stocking food and other resources for such further



Opportunities for Some


Packaging and home delivery services are also on the rise and these are the ones that will be peaking with their business, as restaurants and supermarkets will have more demand of delivering food and raw materials.


The online businesses will also be more stable than businesses that need physical presence of its employees and customers.


People are also focusing on maintaining a steady routine in a healthier and affordable way. More middle and aged people are also in search of ways to build their immunity consuming various herbs, vitamins and food. This an opportunity for medical herbs companies to get more reach in the market than before.


Various Sectors


Hospitals in Nepal are still struggling to arrange adequate number of isolation beds. Although China has been generous to provide Nepal with medical supplies, there still aren’t enough masks and gowns to adequately protect staff, ventilators to deliver oxygen to patients who can’t breathe, or respiratory technicians and nurses to operate those ventilators. 


Regular inflow of remittance has helped significantly for lifting the living standards of the Nepali people living in the villages. But with large companies and construction works in the Gulf and Malaysia being forced to shut down due to the pandemic, Nepalese abroad are losing their jobs and some have returned home. At the moment, this is a primary cause of worry for the government.


In Nepal, many small businesses and restaurants have shut down or are on the verge of permanent shut down as they are operating with the limited resources available yet as the lockdown has now lifted and there is a small spark of hope for people.


The owners of clubs and night bars will have to face more difficulties as they will remain closed and is not safe to open any time soon. The fitness centers’ future also does not look good as people will avoid going to such places with much crowd where social distancing is practically not possible. Movie theatres and banquets will be remain shut infinitely. 


The Schools and colleges have to rely more on digital learning. Urban settlements will adapt more of e-learning platforms yet for rural settlements, traditional education will still be more popular. So, due to fear of the pandemic many schools will still not operate in full fledge. Parents of children fear to send their kids to schools and colleges so this will have an impact on the hostels and paying guests.


Artists, musicians and creative are incredibly resilient; they will find their way back to urban areas drawn by lower rents, and they will apply their creativity and their sweat equity to revive them as they always do. However, creative people in Nepal have always been in volatile situation and now with risk of Covid-19, they will be struggling to make ends meet.


The global economy can pick up rather swiftly but for developing country like Nepal, economic crisis can come as a bigger shock than that of direct impact of the virus. 





Moving forward, developing quality healthcare systems that are affordable and accessible to all should be the primary objective for the government.


While there is little to gain from such a fatal cause, it is vital that we also use it to make the ‘new normal’ in favor of the environment and ensure that no one is left behind.



Last Words


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