Women, It’s All Your Fault!

The rate of violence against women is increasing day by day, year by year. There are acid-attacks in almost every three months, rapes are more common, girls and women are beaten, harassed, and assaulted more than ever.


Frankly, it’s all the women’s fault.


If a woman going out of the house alone, if she is taking a job at night or taking a job far from home is alone on the street in evening or night then she is responsible if she is harassed or if her body is violated in any way because clearly, “She is Asking For It”


If she wears short dresses, drinks a few glasses of beers or wine, now she is not only asking for it, she is risking her life too. Isn’t she?


Nor would she be educated, nor go out with friends, nor would she goes out for jobs, nor have thought of her own nor do all the things independently and nor would she invite attention to herself.


All girls and women should get involved in her responsibilities in the kitchen and know how to serve her man and make him happy. Else she will get beaten rightfully.      


Yet, if some unforeseen incidents happen in a homely environment, well then that’s her fate and she should be able to live with it.


For complaining about the behavior a person who in the family or is close to the family is a shameful act and it will raise questions on the girl’s character 1st and then on the family she lives with.


So, she must protect herself and her family name, else everyone in the society will judge her and harsh comments will start to flow in. This is all normal because when a women’s private life is made public, she should be ready for the judgments and comments like slut, whore, attention seeker, etc.  


Thus, she should learn to protect her body from an early age, maybe even in the mother’s womb itself, as even infants are raped.


She should learn some martial arts so she can just doge by turning her head or twisting her body like in the matrix to be safe from acid-attacks like recent ones and learn to defend herself from harassment, possible assaults or even rapes.


The men feel entitled to women’s’ body young or old advancing for sexual pleasures, so it’s a duty of every woman to be prepared anything beforehand.


A girl should be careful while growing into a lady because doing anything is taken as a sign of inviting attention to her body. So, wearing culturally appropriate clothes is a must, along with never going outside of societal beliefs and expectations.


Else she will be punished in a way she never forgets to step outside that boundary again. She will get what she deserves!  So, dear women, you should know better. Isn’t it?