Are you a traveller? Do you find difficulty on finding the place to stay? If yes, than the ultimate solution are online marketplace that’s on the trend today; OYO and Airbnb. OYO is the India’s largest hospitality company or an online aggregator founded in 2013 which has now been available over 230 cities. On the other hand, Airbnb is an online hospitality service and marketplace started in 2009 which today have been helping in 34,000 cities across 90 different countries. These are the best online aggregators which would easily help you to book rooms based on your accommodation, place and comfort.

Airbnb is unlike OYO but in compared to the comfortability in booking the rooms OYO has more hotel rooms and Airnbnb has more residential rooms. In case of Airbnb booking it is giving rent in the spare room at residential area, at some place there is chances of giving you a room with equipments to live, but no raw materials for cooking and service is on our own. On the other hand, OYO is a total service treatment given to a guest as it is to be treated in hotels. In such case comfortability is more to be better in OYO. In case of Airbnb, there is high chance of apartments to be misinterpreted, which is unlikely to happen in OYO because audit is done every week. In case of Airbnb calendar bookings can be wrong but in OYO, once booked it is finalized which means last minute cancellation is not allowed and if got cancelled then would be shifted to OYO premium but last minute host cancellation can be done in Airbnb. The basic benefit of Airbnb is it allowing you to host for anyone/anywhere with rooms/beds available but in case of OYO, they work with signed hotels/guesthouses, etc. Even in case of operational efficiency OYO is far better, which does its quality checks on regular interval. In opposition, Airbnb relies upon the feedbacks and reviews shared by guests. However, in case of check-in and check-out times, Airbnb would be more flexible as they get the accommodations the time they reach early or later after booking. While OYO has been strict on its check-in. They would be more punctual to its time table. Finally, customer care service which we often search for is, direct contact to a person through call in Airbnb where in case of OYO twitter, in app or call is preferable.

In gist, if you are looking to spend a relaxed holiday with an entire bungalow for you (and if you don’t mind cooking) then Airbnb should be a perfect choice. However, if you are the conventional types and always dialing the number 7 for Room service, then Oyo will certainly not disappoint you. In the end the choice is yours, either staying at a hotel in Pokhara or relaxing at a private bungalow near the mountains.