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The charm of watching the silver screen movies come to life (in 4K projection or in 3D, whichever is available or the exciting big screen) never goes out of style. It has become an experience that everyone gravitates towards. Whether it is watching movies with your friends, family or even building teamwork, watching movies isn’t just entertainment anymore.

And QFX Cinemas has been a huge part of this movie culture for quite some time now. It began by renovating the well-known Jai Nepal cinema hall into the modern movie experience it delivers today. Fast forward to today, QFX Cinemas has eleven branches within Nepal with its uncompromised picture quality and Dolby Atmos sound system, making you feel as if you are living inside the movie you are watching.

After QFX Jai Nepal, the renovation was done to Kumari Hall in Kamal Pokhari, which today proudly stands as QFX Kumari. And that is what we will be covering today, so keep on reading.

But before that, check to see if there is a QFX Cinema near you to catch up on a movie.

QFX Cinemas in my area

QFX Jai Nepal. Narayanhiti, Kathmandu

QFX Kumari. Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu

QFX Civil Mall. Sundhara, Kathmandu

QFX Labim Mall. Pulchowk, Lalitpur

QFX Chhaya Center. Thamel, Kathmandu

QFX Jalma. Narayanghat

QFX Bageshwori. New Road, Nepalgunj

QFX Cineplex. Chipledhunga, Pokhara

QFX One Stop Mall. Birtamode

QFX Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur

QFX Butwal. Butwal


QFX Kumari Hall


Location: Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact number: 977-1-4433402



Located in Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, Kumari Hall was re-vamped into QFX Kumari in 2004 AD with dual screens. It is safe to say that QFX Kumari has been around for quite a while. So, to add more flavor to the already flavorful cinematic experience, they incorporated modern themes. It is also recognized as a popular venue for movie premiers and international film festivals.

With two auditoriums to showcase movies, the first auditorium has 276 seating capacity whereas the second auditorium has 184 seats available. To catch up on a movie, you have to take a ticket voucher which has a validation period to it. So if you buy yourself a ticket but couldn’t watch today, chances are you have few more days to be able to use it and not let your money go to waste.

Digital payment had made it easier to buy a ticket on normal days, but it has been exceptionally handy (without the physical touch of hands, obviously) in his pandemic struck of a time. Now it is mandatory to either pay digitally or bring the exact change that is required.

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So, what is the ticket price for QFX Kumari?

The price list belongs to the Gold category of tickets and that is the only ticket available. However, morning shows offer 50% discounts on the ticket price. The rate provided is inclusive of all taxes, and the discount is to be calculated as per the ticket rate of the day. Yes, there is a ticket rate for the day. Other than the morning shows, the rate is regular on the after, evening, or night shows.

You can watch 2D movies on a weekday (Monday and Tuesday) for Rs. 300. You can only watch a 2D movie on weekdays specifically if Rs. 300 is your budget. Watching a multi-dimension movie that is a notch above your regular movies is made possible this was by QFX Kumari. Rs. 370 gets you a 2D and 3D on weekdays (Monday and Tuesday), and once purchased you can use this voucher for all 2D or 3D movies which are valid only on weekdays.

QFX Kumari brings 2D movies at Rs.360 on both weekdays and weekends too. The ticket voucher again is only for 2D movies, but the voucher lasts through the week.


But if you cannot decide which day to go to a movie but all you know is that you will go within this week, be it a Sunday or a Wednesday, you should choose the all options. With this ticket voucher, you can watch a 2D or a 3D movie anytime at Rs. 430. It could be a weekday or weekend, and you don’t have to worry about your ticket voucher expiring. You have an entire week’s worth of time.


What is this ‘only’ and not? It means that the ticket price as the one mentioned applies only to the specified movie option for the allotted time slot (weekend/ weekend)


To give the audience, even more, reason to watch movies in their cinema hall, QFX Kumari has deal days on 2D and 3D movies, on a Wednesday and Thursday. For 2D, you will only have to pay Rs.190 and for 3D, you will have to pay only Rs. 260 respectively. The deal is only valid for Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Which movie is currently showing?

As per QFX official website, the movie “The Croods: A New Age” is anticipated to be released on 23rd April 2021 in QFX Kumari, so if animated adventurous comedy is up to your alley and you are around Putalisadak, near City Centre, or around Kamalpokhari itself, this 1 hour 35 minutes movie will tickle your funny bones. When a prehistoric family of ‘The Croods’ is challenged by the self-proclaimed more evolved and better family ‘The Bettermans’, this rivalry will bring upon the screens some laughter igniting moments.

The parking space is adequate and it is one of the features of the movie hall, that it has pay parking facility. And for such a popular movie hall that hasn’t compromised its delivery all these years, the food counter doesn’t disappoint either. You could get yourself your normal popcorn or cheese-flavored with your favorite soft drink, or you could get yourself a combo as well.

How to book a ticket?

i)                    Directly on the ticket counter
Even though it is convenient right now because of COVID-19, it would’ve still been a little bit of hassle if the situation was okay right now. You could be standing in a queue, waiting for your turn to directly purchase your ticket. But when things get better and standing in close proximity next to each other wouldn’t be a problem, and if you don’t mind waiting a bit to buy a ticket, you could make a direct purchase from the ticket counter.

But until then, please opt for the second option, which is:

ii)                  Registering to QFX cinemas and buying it online

The very first thing you need to even make a purchase is to have an account. Hop into the Registration section of QFX Cinemas official website and fill in all the details to get yourself an account.

Once you are logged in, to your account, you can see which movies are showing and which are on the list to choose from. Choose the movie you want to watch, and click on the ticket sign. You then choose your seats and click on buy.


Your purchase will be confirmed after it, and your e-ticket will be on your “My Tickets” page under “Bough Tickets”. You need to show it to enter the theater.

It has gotten so much easier to catch up with a movie this way when the world of digitalization meets the convenience of entertainment. ESewa, Khalti, PayBill, Hello Paisa, SCT Moco, SCT nPay, Nepal Investment Bank, IME pay, Global IME Bank Limited, or any VISA or Mastercard (credit or debit) can pass through the online payment method to pay for your ticket vouchers.

So, if you want to head over to QFX Kumari right here right now, you have to remember to remain safe and be a responsible citizen for yourself and everyone around you. Hopefully, in the near future, this wouldn’t even be an issue and we could be mask-free.

But until that hope becomes reality, be a safe citizen and follow all the safety measures posed by the movie hall. It is the least you could do to enjoy a movie guilt-free.