Electric Motorcycle Made in Nepal vs International Electric Motorcycle

Since we covered Nepal’s first-ever electric bike ‘Project Zero’ previously, we contemplated on what everyone is also apparently contemplating.


What are the international Electric Motorcycles available in Nepal?

To kickstart your riding journey through an electric medium, here are some electric motorcycles which are available in Nepal:

·         Harley Davidson Street 750

·         Harley Davidson Street Rod 750

·         Motrac E-M5

·         Super Soco TC

·         NIU N-Series

·         Aprilia Storm 125

·         Genius X56

·         TAILG Tiger

·         Runyang Tortoise King

·         Miyama SD-1


Genius X46

It has a similar top speed (120 km/hr), and P-0 with (140 km/hr) alongside 13KW and 48 KW of peak power respectively.

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If P-0 has a battery life of ten years, then what Genius X46 also pushes through in terms of their visual aesthetic, making sure that this super-naked inspired look maintains its gloss of paint for five years.

It is one powerhouse of a bike without the compromise of its appeal to the eye. But comparatively, the charging speed for Genius X46 is 4 hours.



Home to Yomama E Motors next to Genius Electric Motorcycles, with a top speed of 51 km/hr.

Despite giving only a decent mileage on a full charge, why it is still considered?

Because for one, the cost of it is NRs. 1,83,000 which is on the budget-friendly side to purchase a vehicle, that too an electric one.

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And to give an additional feature, this scooter has an auto repair system (APS) installed in it. This means that the problems in the vehicle will not only be auto-detected but also be reset as per the requirement to keep the vehicle at its best.


What is the price of an Electric Motorcycle in Nepal?

P-0 is standing with its environmentally friendly design at NRs. 19,49,000.

Genius X46 costs NRs. 4,26,000 while TAILG Tiger costs NRs. 1,83,000.


And with its standing point, it does give justice to the specifications it provides.

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How is Project Zero (P-0) different from other Electronic Vehicles?

Other than the fact that P-0 was made in Nepal; since this is Yatri Motorcycles’ beginning steps, they are only making 50 of the model.

The charging speed is claimed to be two hours, and with a DC charger, P-0 is expected to be charged up to 80% within just twenty minutes.

With the peak power of 48 KW, this ride will take you comfortably through the good and not-so-good roads of Nepal. Amidst all the road conditions, with the top speed of 140 km/h P-0 appears to be very hopeful to take you on a comfy and safe ride too.

You have to pay a reservation fee pf NRs.10,000 to reserve P-0 for yourself


You can check the specifications and see for yourself the integral differences you will get for the price you pay.


Project Zero (P-0) Vs Genius X46 Vs  TAILG Tiger


Project Zero (P-0)

Genius X46


Peak power

48 KW

13 KW

2.5 KW


120 Nm at shaft (60 Nm at wheel)

375 Nm

130 Nm

Top Speed

140 km/h

120 km/hr

51 km/hr


8 kWh Lithium - Nickel- Manganese chemistry pouch cells

72V60Ah Lithium-ion

72V32Ah Lithium-ion


230 km

100 km

95 km

Charging time

2 hours

4 hours

6 to 8 hours


Warner borg E-braking

Dual disc brake

Dual disc brake


190 kg

144 kg

124 kg

Ground Clearance

175 mm

185 mm


Seat height


800 mm

820 mm

790 mm


Rs. 1,945,000

Rs. 4,26,000

Rs. 1,83,000


You would think that electric vehicles aren’t that popular here in Nepal, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

They are more popular than you think. As much as people wanted to make a switch into the more environmentally friendly transport option, they have to think twice before making the decision.


What next to consider after having an Electronic Vehicle?

A bike is not a small object, so if one got stuck on the road, it would be extremely inconvenient.

Any electronic vehicle runs on the charge it has accumulated, so a portable battery to charge your bike without having to worry if a charging station is available is a lifesaver as it takes away the hassle of getting stuck in the middle of the road if the battery runs out.

People don’t usually carry around petrol for their bike, but they go and get it filled in a gas station. This step is completely replaced by a portable charger which is a huge time saver.

This is why a bike with a portable charger can be more efficient than your regular petrol or diesel requiring motorbikes.


Final remarks

At the end of it all, today we have a variation of vehicles that do not require petrol or diesel to run.

Today we have a variety of such vehicles, be it the nation’s first-ever self-made EV or the ones which are popular vehicles of choice.

As we now have an electric motorcycle made in Nepal that matches the safety standards and procedures of an international electric motorcycle, we are ready to tap into an environment-friendly bike either outsourced or insourced.

You could opt for a vehicle considering your safety first. Then comes the price and the aesthetics of it, if need be. But either way, it is an individual’s choice to try something new or stick with the publicly used vehicles.

We still want to hear from you, though. Let us know in the comments below!