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Super Soco TC Bike


Super Soco TC is controlled by a 3000 Watt amazing Bosch motor and a 60V30AH battery that produces a maximum force of 150Nm. The TC holds a range of 160 km on a double battery, 80 km on a single battery, and it has a top speed of 80km/h. Essentially, the model performance-wise is viewed as like the 125cc cruiser. The TC comes with 3-level riding modes that can be changed during the ride and is ideal for youths who look seek thrill and adventure.

Displacement N/A cc
Mileage N/A kmpl
Max Power N/A
Torque 150Nm
Top Speed 80 kmph
No. of Gears 3
Fuel Tank N/A L
Weight 100 KG
Price Rs. 289,900